Book Launch during the opening of  the new building of the Rega Institute and conferral of an honorary doctorate to Dr. John C. Martin

Renilde Loeckx at the bookstand of Leuven University Press

Science Café at the Prague House in Brussels

Prof. Martin Fusek, Renilde Loeckx, and Prof. Erik De Clercq

Event with Capricorn Venture Partners

Cold War Triangle was discussed during an evening, organized by Dr. Jos Peeters and Capricorn Venture Partners on October 19 in Leuven.

Prof. Peter Lievens, dean of the science faculty, Dr. Katya Smirnyagina

and Prof. Piet Herdewijn

Event in Hamme

Cold War Triangle enhanced the reception offered by a private family honoring Prof. Erik De Clercq in his native village on October 15, 2017.

Former Rector of the Ghent University, Mrs. Anne De Paepe, delivers a celebratory toast.

Book Fairs

Cold War Triangle was presented on the 2017 editions of the  Bookfairs in Frankfurt ( 11-14th October) and Antwerp (2-4th November). It received special attention on “ Night of the Profs”  in Antwerp on November 9.


London Review of Books

The London Review of Books featured the week of the University Presses. Leuven University Press advertised with Cold War Triangle.

Czech Radio

The interview of correspondent of Czech Radio , Filip Nerad  with Renilde Loeckx  was aired on Radio Prague and five other radio stations in the Czech Republic in September. Here is the link  to the radio programme where it was aired for the first time. It can be found at  9:40.